Simple crepe wedding dress with a low back and a centre slit skirt
Simple low cut crepe wedding gown with a deep v back and a centre slit skirt
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Simple low cut crepe wedding gown with a deep v back and a centre slit skirt



Regular price $2,300.00
A simple crepe wedding dress with an eye-catching centre-slit and plunging neckline

The best way to feel like yourself on your wedding day is to pick a dress that borrows elements from your cool street style — so a low back and bit of a front plunge is right up your alley. The hip-hugging skirt ends in a long godet train, and the mile-high centre slit lines up just right with the neckline’s deep v for mirrored perfection. The top is pulled together with hidden nude mesh. The result? Something understated, but eye-catching; daring, but totally wearable. Basically, exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You don’t want boring, but you don’t want to look back on your wedding pics and wonder what you were thinking. Solution: Alate. Plus, she can be snipped after your wedding to create the most bomb midi dress. What’s cooler than giving your gown a second life?

Size & Fit
 Size Bust Waist
0 31"–32" 24"–25"
2 32"–33" 25"–26"
4 33"–34" 26"–27"
6 34"–35" 27"–28"
8 35"–36" 28"–29"
10 36"–37" 29"–30"
12 38"–39" 31"–32"
14 40"–41" 33"–34"
16 42"–43" 35"–36"
18 44"–45" 37"–38"
20 46"–47" 39"–40"
22 48"–49" 41"–42"
24 50"–51" 43"–44"
26 52"–53" 45"–46"