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Deep v bodice with a lace modesty panel

Meet Ramona, she’s contemporary with a touch of classic. This mixture of off-white crepe and delicate beaded lace gives a romantic edge to clean and modern lines. Scalloped lace edges hug and frame the back perfectly while the skirt is oh-so-flowy with its long train and a-line shape. But the real winner is the secret pockets for vows, tissues or, let’s be real, snacks (!). Perfect for charming the conservative side of you that doesn’t want a lot of skin exposed, while still pleasing your inner free spirit that likes to show off a bit of back whilst tearing up the d-floor. Not your grandma’s dress, but still sure to sure make her happy.

Being a dress of versatility and fluidity, this one can be placed just about anywhere. From mountain tops to sandy boardwalks, Ramona fits perfectly. The only ‘must-have’ in the chosen venue is a breeze. I mean, she doesn’t have that long train for nothing.

Size & Fit
 Size Bust Waist
0 31"–32" 24"–25"
2 32"–33" 25"–26"
4 33"–34" 26"–27"
6 34"–35" 27"–28"
8 35"–36" 28"–29"
10 36"–37" 29"–30"
12 38"–39" 31"–32"
14 40"–41" 33"–34"
16 42"–43" 35"–36"
18 44"–45" 37"–38"
20 46"–47" 39"–40"
22 48"–49" 41"–42"
24 50"–51" 43"–44"
26 52"–53" 45"–46"