3 Simple-Yet-Stunning Dresses From Aesling's 2024 Collection


Just because a dress is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be show-stopping. Take it from Aesling's 2024 collection. This offering—the brand's most diverse yet—features striking wedding dresses for every type of minimalist, from the classicist to the romantic and beyond.

Inspired by the work of iconic female artists and architects, the 2024 collection takes shape in sleek lines and soft structure. Think corseted bodices, column silhouettes, and sensual square necklines. All these classic elements come together in an offering of dresses that are both modern and timeless: dresses that will stun on the day-of and in the pages of your wedding album for decades to come.

Ready to get back to basics? Read on to discover the top three simple-yet-stunning dresses from Aesling's 2024 collection.


There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Leonora. This deceptively simple wedding dress features a sleek, body-skimming silhouette that moves and changes with you, as if becoming a different gown from one moment to the next. Liquid satin or crepe fabric and a modern mermaid train finish off this multifaceted gown and enhance its surrealist sense of movement.


The Frida is as pretty as a portrait. Inspired by iconic portraitist Frida Kahlo, this elegant dress is fitted with a sophisticated square neckline that frames the collarbones and lays the perfect canvas for an understated pendant. Small shoulder pads add subtle structure to the gown’s bodice and evoke a straighter posture, so you’re portrait-ready, from dusk till dawn.


The Angelica is a modern take on a centuries-old style: the corset, to be precise. Historically, corsets were used to cinch women into gowns and, as a result, were incredibly uncomfortable for the wearer. The Angelica subverts the corset, using the garment’s traditional boning to create a comfortable, supportive fit—and to add a touch of old-world romance to your look.