8 of the hottest wedding trends for 2024


Want to know what’s trending in the bridal world right now? The answer is “you.”

That’s right: 2024’s top wedding trends are all about personalization. From their wedding looks to their guestbooks, today’s brides are looking to create wedding ceremonies that truly embody who they are. This means setting up snack bars stocked with childhood favourites, flaunting their personal style with wedding accessories, or adopting green practices that speak to their true values.

Out with the “something old” and in with the new. Here are eight trends that will be going viral in 2024.

Audio guestbooks

Meet the wedding upgrade you didn’t know you needed: the audio guestbook.

In lieu of written messages, an audio guestbook provides newlyweds with a compilation of bite-sized voice recordings made by their wedding guests. In other words, if a traditional guestbook is like a boring old text message, then an audio guestbook delivers all the warmth and authenticity of a voice note.  

So, how does it work? Typically, audio guestbook services will provide you with a retro or vintage telephone, which your wedding guests can use to record their messages during the reception. This means that an audio guestbook allows you to capture the real voices of your friends, family, and loved ones in real time, and transform them into happy, hilarious, and heartfelt memories that you can replay—and relive—over and over again.

Film photography

While many wedding trends—like guestbooks—are going digital, it seems that wedding photography is trending in the opposite direction. That’s right: digital photography is so 2023. For 2024, film is in. half-left

After almost going extinct in the 2000’s, disposable cameras have made a huge comeback on the wedding scene in recent years. Now, brides are doubling down on their love of old-school photos, seeking out and hiring professional film photographers to shoot their special day, from ceremony to last call.

It’s really no surprise that analogue wedding photography is currently on the rise. For Gen Z and Millennial brides who grew up poring over their parents’ wedding albums, film photographs hold a nostalgic, sentimental appeal—and give you your own keepsake to pull off the shelf, dust off, and pore over in the years to come.

Cold sparklers

Cold sparklers are so hot right now—at least metaphorically!

As their name suggests, these non-traditional pyrotechnics deliver all the dazzle of a fireworks display without the, well, fire. We won’t bore you with the science, but, in a nutshell, cold sparklers look like the real thing but are completely nonflammable, which means they’re totally safe to use indoors.

Because they can be used pretty much anywhere, cold sparklers allow you to add a touch of magic to every aspect of your wedding ceremony—not just the grand finale. Looking to transform your first dance into a fairytale moment? Deck the dancefloor with a cold sparkler or four. Want to add even more romance to your wedding portraits? Then you’ll want to get those cold sparklers popping.

Midnight snacks

Partying into the early hours is bound to work up an appetite. But it’s nothing that a little midnight snack can’t fix.half-left

The late-night snack bar is a wedding crowd-pleaser, satisfying your guests’ late-night cravings while giving them the boost they need to keep the party going. And that’s exactly why it’s emerged as one of 2024’s most popular trends.

Like your dinner or your dress, your snack bar is just another opportunity to make your special day all the more personal—so you’ll want to stock it with snacks that mean something to you. These could be childhood favourites or hometown delicacies. Are you a burger-and-fries girl? Consider having your after-party catered by your go-to take-out spot. Have a sweet tooth? Opt for a desert bar or a make-your-own-sundae station. Love eating breakfast for dinner? Serve up pancakes, sausages, and eggs on silver platters, continental style. The options are as limitless as your palate.

Wedding separates and accessories

Now more than ever before, brides are looking to take their wedding look to the next level. To many of them, that means browsing more than just wedding dresses, but wedding separates and accessories, too.

The classic wedding veil has made a comeback in the last few years, with celebrities like Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian sporting the style during their nuptials. But wedding dress add-ons don’t end there! Accessories like evening gloves and arm warmers allow you to customize your wedding look without having to go the bespoke route, while separates like boleros and sheer blouses add layers to your outfit, which can be removed come reception time to give you a brand new look. 

Floral canopies

When we say “next-level style” we aren’t just talking about your wedding dress. Today’s brides are also going all-out when it comes to their nuptial decor. At the top of the list when it comes to wedding decorations? Floral canopies.

As their name suggests, these large flower arrangements are installed in the ceiling of your reception venue and hang above the festivities, lending them an air of enchantment and extravagance. half-left

Floral canopies can be tailored to your preferences, and can be made to match your wedding palette or even your bouquet. 

Champagne Towers

Nothing says opulence like a tower of champagne coupes. I mean, remember that scene from The Great Gatsby

As “old money” aesthetics continue to trend in the wedding space (thanks Sophia Richie!), the champagne tower has seen a major resurgence in modern nuptial celebrations. Today’s newlyweds are using these glass structures as a glamorous way to raise their first toast. What’s better, though, is that, after the bubbles have been poured, the tower of coupes becomes a sparkling centerpiece. Talk about double duty! 

Sustainable wedding celebrations

The wedding industry creates a ton of waste. It’s a fact that today’s eco-conscious brides are well aware of—and it’s one that they’re adjusting their celebrations to accommodate.

Sustainable weddings have been on the rise for years and that trend will continue as creative brides seek out newer, more innovative ways to reduce their wedding’s carbon footprint. Some of the latest—and trendiest—sustainable wedding practices on the horizon include: proposing with an estate ring, printing your own wedding invitations, using biodegradable confetti, opting for local produce and ingredients, and purchasing a responsibly-made wedding dress, like ours!