Ethereal Romance: Meet Truvelle's 2023 Collection

half-left Truvelle’s 2023 Collection is about reconnecting with our roots while we look toward the future. 

These six gowns – Rose, Kaslo, Parker, Pandora, Frances, and Georgia – are named for the streets around our new studio in Vancouver, BC, but look back at some of our greatest hits, including our signature hard waistbands, gorgeous floral fabrics, and classic bodices.


A Homage to Our Past

Every year, we reflect on past collections and feedback from our brides and retailers to identify what core design elements really define a Truvelle gown. Those elements crop up time and time again, in various forms, in every new collection that we make. 

The 2023 Collection pays homage to classic Truvelle fabric and motifs along with structural elements that remain bride favourites. It felt appropriate to include these elements in the first collection designed and produced in our new studio. 

These classic Truvelle elements are woven throughout the collection, but are most prevalent in the Rose and Frances gowns. Frances’ textured floral organza is reminiscent of our new classic gown from the 2022 collection, Lucinda. The signature hard waistband found in our iconic Annie gown reappears in the Rose gown, and can be made detachable for extra comfort in curve sizes. 

“It’s really important to us that we include these quintessential Truvelle design elements,” Gaby says. “Even as we look forward with each new collection, imagining what Truvelle can be for our brides, we don’t ever want to lose sight of where we came from. All of our classic gowns, designed top to bottom in our sweet old studio, are with us even as we evolve.”


Fresh Fabrics

This collection also incorporates a number of new fabrics, including a custom design, just for our brides. “We’re excited to introduce a few fresh fabrics with the 2023 Collection,” Gaby shares. 

The Pandora gown (which has detachable sleeves, by the way, that join up at the bodice peaks with tiny buttons) makes use of two new fabrics: a beautiful liquid satin which pools luxuriously at your feet, and a floral lace imported straight from France.

“When I was in France, I took a last minute meeting with a fabric supplier,” Gaby says. “I wasn’t planning on adding this lace to the collection, but I knew as soon as I saw how it moved: our brides will love this.” 

Parker’s fabric is also brand new, and evidences our team’s ongoing commitment to Truvelle’s environmental footprint. This fabric is custom designed to minimize fabric waste and offcuts – a first (but not a last!) for us. Parker also uses our new satin in both the skirt and the detachable belt.

“This new design helps us get the most out of every yard of fabric while keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum,” Gaby says. 

Kaslo’s bodice might look familiar: it’s based on a design we developed last year for our whimsical Lillie dress. But the fabric in Kaslo’s bodice is a brand new organza with a lovely floral outline. 

“I personally love the trim on Kaslo’s hem,” says Gaby. “This trim adds a luxurious spot of visual interest to Kaslo’s long train, and is also detachable – perfect for ease of alterations.”


Truvelle’s Sexier Side

Truvelle has long been known for our romantic, demure gowns. This season, we wanted to give the Truvelle bride a more sultry side. 

“This season, we included sexier but very tasteful elements in many of our gowns,” says Truvelle Founder and Creative Director Gaby Bayona. “We updated the classic Truvelle aesthetic to include lovely backless designs, thigh high slits, and cut outs.”

But don’t fret: devotees of Truvelle’s demure designs needn’t despair. The Frances gown’s cut outs, Georgia’s side slit, and Rose’s open back are all carefully balanced with the classic, romantic silhouettes and voluminous fabrics that Truvelle is known for. 


The 2023 Collection is offered in sizes 0 - 26, with special design considerations for sizes 16+, including extra boning, hip and waistline alterations to comfortably hug curves, higher backlines, and wider waistbands for greater comfort and support, depending on the gown. No matter your size, our gowns are designed to make you look and feel your best.

We’re so delighted to bring another collection to you, our community of brides, retailers, and friends. We’re really proud of this one – and everything on the horizon for Truvelle.