Introducing Truvelle’s 2024 Collection


When the design process begins for every new Truvelle collection, the first place designers look is to the community. Their big family of brides, retailers, and supporters has been deeply engaged with the evolution of the Truvelle brand since its founding 10 years ago. 

Back then, it was just Gaby in the living room of her apartment, dreaming up gowns that she didn’t see anywhere else in Canadian bridal design. The first Truvelle collection was youthful, laid back, and effortlessly cool. 

Things have changed a bit since then. The team has grown. Gowns are now made in a 9000ft², airy, light-filled studio in our beloved East Vancouver. And every year, they partner with amazing retailers globally to bring gowns to Truvelle brides all over the world. 

This isn’t just a one-woman operation anymore. It’s about all of us and our entire community, who, through everything, have always been there. Sharing thoughts, wishes, feedback and encouragement. 

That’s why community is still at the heart of every new design. 


“This collection is a special one for us, because we’re now ten years into Truvelle’s journey,”  says Founder and Creative Director Gaby Bayona. “We’ve marked the occasion with a collection of gowns that shows how far we’ve come. Each gown balances comfort with beauty, and luxury with refined, minimal elements. It is exactly Truvelle.”

But part of the Truvelle spirit is evolution, too. That’s why this collection introduces fabrics and designs new to the line. 

“This collection brings together new design elements that really inspire me,” says Gaby. “We’re introducing beautiful botanical laces and sculptural sleeves for a new take on the Truvelle bride. They’re complex and sophisticated, but romantic as ever, and these gowns are just as dimensional as they are.”


Celebrating beauty and resilience

As always, the gowns in this collection are named for inspiring women. The lives of the women this collection is named for – Naomi Klein, Emmeline Pankhurst, Coretta Scott King, Mahsa ‘Jina’ Amini, Sylvia Rivera and Nina Simone – were marked by their advocacy for a better world. But this isn’t the only aspect of their identities worth honouring. 

That’s why this collection’s ethos is dimension, with a special focus on the deep, shifting interior lives and layers that make us who we are. Laces, sleeves and layered skirts bring volume, movement and vitality to this romantic collection of gowns – and we can’t wait to introduce you to each.

Layers of lace

Lace can transform a silhouette and bring subtle, changeable dimension to a gown. 

For Naomi, namesake lace dances across the sweetheart bodice, adding a unique, botanical feel to this classic, comfortable silhouette. With its topper, also in Naomi lace, the botanical motif is balanced on either side of the bodice for an elegant and demure finish. 

For Simone, by contrast, lace brings volume and personality. The lace, overlaid top to toe, is mirrored in Simone’s sculptural puff sleeves or modern slim-fitting gloves.

Both gowns are finished with a thigh high slit and a train. 

Customisable sleeves


Coretta and Mahsa are defined by their sculptural sleeves. 

Mahsa’s off-the-shoulder detached puff sleeves are finished with a fitted cuff and button closure, all in paper bloom jacquard. Their volume balances the gown’s tight-fitting bodice and thigh high slit. 

Coretta’s sleeves are a study in contrast, by comparison – minimal, detachable swag sleeves drape elegantly from the shoulder, continuing the beautiful line of the bodice across the decolletage and bringing lightness to the voluminous draped skirt. 

Volume and balance

Sylvia and Emmeline are all about balance. Sylvia’s angular side cutouts are panelled with illusion mesh and matched by a thigh high slit in its pleated skirt. These crisp design elements are complemented by a voluminous skirt and an all-time favourite: pockets. 

Emmeline has no side slit or cut out – instead, its deep plunging neckline is mirrored by a low, angular back. This dramatic shape, nipped in thanks to two princess seams, is balanced by a full skirt in paper bloom jacquard, also with – you guessed it – pockets.

“Truvelle evolves with each collection, but that evolution is always inspired by the people who wear these gowns and what matters most to them,” says Gaby. “I’m so excited to bring these gowns to our community.” 


This collection, like all Truvelle collections, is available in extended sizes for brides wearing size 16+ – so everybody and every body can look and feel their best in these designs. You can find their gowns at retailers around the world, in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.