The 6 Types of Shawls Every Chilly Bride Should Know About


Let’s set the stage. You, looking beautiful in your Frances Gown, have managed your nerves all the way down the aisle and have just acquired a brand new spouse. You’ve signed the papers, the sun is shining, and… Wow, that breeze is a bit chilly, isn’t it? This June wedding date was meant to ensure the balmy summer afternoon setting of your dreams, and yet… Just 15 degrees celsius today, you say? 

We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve seen it happen dozens of times. That’s why we know a secret: bridal shawls aren’t just for those brave individuals that opt for December weddings with snowy portraits. They’re for all chilly brides, all year round. 

Here are 6 types of bridal shawls and cover ups that every chilly bride should know about.


The Off-Shoulder Shawl

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – which is the most romantic bridal cover-up of all? Without a doubt, the demure but alluring off-shoulder shawl takes the cake. The off-shoulder shawl works beautifully in soft, cozy fibres like wool or cashmere, or luxurious and warm faux fur options. 

We love the off-shoulder shawl for brides wearing an updo who want to show off their collarbone or a beautiful necklace and earrings. Pair with a gown with a low neckline and back, like our pearly Georgia Gown.


The Classic Capelet

Let’s update the dramatic cape silhouette for the 21st century. Meet the capelet: get all the drapey, lovely glamour without the cumbersome length. Capelets look great in heavier fabrics or in a light chiffon or tulle to help keep the wind off your shoulders without meaningfully changing your silhouette. 

Capelets can be perfect for showing off a bride’s – ahem – decolletage, and for providing a bit of warmth without covering a detailed dress. Pair with a striking graphic cutout like the bodice on our Frances Gown. half-left

The Long-Sleeved Topper

Shawls and cover-ups can also play a central role in your wedding day look. Say you’re in love with the Rose Gown – plunging neckline, thin straps – but you’re having a church wedding, and need to up your “modesty” factor. Think about a long-sleeved topper that fits over the top of your sleek dress. 

In an ornate lace or even a lovely mohair (we see you, boho brides), wear your topper for your ceremony and take it off for your photos and reception. You get two looks in one, and you ensure you can wear the gown of your dreams without offending the aesthetic sensibilities of your church. 


The Faux-Fur Wrap 

Are you a properly chilly bride? Faux fur is probably for you! Though there is a wide variety of styles – from long, drapey shawls to little twisty shawls or even cool retro coats – faux fur is such a statement on its own that it deserves its own category. Lined with something warm, like a soft cashmere or even good ol’ flannel, a faux fur cover up could be the chic life-saver you need. 

A faux fur wrap pairs well with both voluminous skirts and sleek, minimal silhouettes. She’s versatile! We’d pair a faux fur wrap with our soft, sumptuous Kaslo Gown.


The Boho Bolero

For short-waisted brides or brides wearing a gown with a pronounced waist, like our Parker gown, a cropped little bolero is perfect to keep the chill away. What’s more: you can find boleros in all kinds of materials – lace, faux fur, mohair, even gorgeous, billowy chiffon or tulle – so you can tailor your look to the level of coverage and warmth you need. half-leftBecause boleros are so versatile, they can maintain a sleek silhouette or bring great, sculptural volume to your look. For bonus points: consider a bolero in a different colour to spruce up your look. 


The Perfect Pashmina

Feeling like these options are too much? Too defined? Too… positively bridal? That’s cool. You can always turn to Old Faithful – the elegant, timeless pashmina. Think cashmere, think mohair, think light, fine wool; this lovely, long blanket scarf can be worn draped around your elbows or wrapped tightly around your shoulders when a breeze kicks up. 

Pashminas also work well for photos. Wrap it around you and your brand new spouse and smile for the camera – instant charm, trust us. Pashminas are perfect for more ornate gowns, like our Pandora Gown with its billowy sleeves, because they can be worn in so many different ways. 

If you’re in doubt, a good ol’ pashmina is probably perfect for you. 


One last piece of advice? When you’re choosing a cover up or shawl, use your imagination. This cover up could be any colour, made of any material, and bring any vibe to your bridal look. Don’t limit yourself to a classic white faux fur unless it’s what you really want. 

After all: you look best when you truly feel like yourself (... and when you’re warm and comfortable, of course).