Weddings are back, baby!

half-leftWhen was the last time that weddings were just… weddings? It was probably 2019, before the pandemic, when couples could go through those tried and true motions of planning a wedding without worrying about capacity, masks, or venues booked three years out. 

It’s high time that couples get to enjoy – free of added guilt or anxiety – the exciting and indulgent experience of getting married. 

So we’re calling it now. Here’s what’s in: touring venues, sampling tasting menus and testing cocktails. Drawing out and savouring the process. You know, as it should be! 

Here are the biggest wedding trends we’re hearing from LAUDAE brides getting married in 2023.

Sustainable sensibilities

More brides than ever are prioritising sustainability in their wedding planning process – not just as their gown is concerned, but across the entire event. It’s really easy to swap plastic for paper and glass and order your stems and decor locally to reduce the impact of your big event on the environment. 

We’ve been committed to sustainable practices for years – that’s why we still design and manufacture all of our gowns right here in Vancouver, using only the finest materials from trusted boutique producers – and it’s so great to see brides seek out LAUDAE gowns for this reason. We love you for it and so does the planet. 

Really well-tailored silhouettes

2023 is the year of the slim-fitting silhouette. No, wait – it’s the voluminous skirt. No, no – it’s the long, billowy sleeve. Depending on who you ask, all manner of gowns are decidedly “in” or veritably “out” this year. But there is one indisputable trend: working with talented tailors to nail your alterations.

Alterations take time and money, and in the recent past (because of time, capacity, cost – you name it), brides felt pressured to settle for gowns that fit them really well but not perfectly. 


But that’s not true, today. Brides are choosing their gowns and their alterations team with equal care. But the result is truly stunning: from an Addison that looks like it was designed to frame your collarbones to a perfectly cinched Harley, exceptionally-fitted gowns are always in style and always worth the wait. 

Textural touches

Whether you love a column skirt or a ball gown, texture is in. And why not? Weddings are often once-in-a-lifetime celebrations – they should enthuse and amuse all of your senses, including touch! This trend enriches all aspects of a wedding celebration, from the gown to the decor to the very food you serve your guests. Texture is so powerful because it can be surprising, subtle, or both – just take our Loren gown, which brings a timeless fit with a sexy flair and a totally unexpected floral lace overlay. 

And don’t overlook the texture of your gown’s lining, either – make sure it’s soft, flexible, and comfy so you can dance the night away without a second thought. We always opt for a [luxurious crepe lining], which we chose because it helps our brides look and feel their best. 

Cocktails, mocktails, and everything in between

Here’s our hot take: serving only signature cocktails at your wedding is out. But that’s okay, because what’s in is way more exciting. 

More people than ever are experimenting with sobriety in some form or another. And while a wedding might seem like a great place to let loose (read: drink a lot of wine), it’ll always be a better event if everyone can enjoy themselves in a way that feels comfortable for them.

That means not just serving water or a double whisky cocktail as your only two bevvy options at your wedding.


But don’t worry. This is actually a great opportunity to serve up a variety of amazing cocktails, mocktails, and tasty fizzes and juices for your guests. This isn’t about cutting back on fun or indulgence – it’s about providing more options for more people.

(And between you and us, serving up non-alcoholic options to your guests actually helps the party carry on longer because no one is fall-down drunk by 10 pm! When you drink less, your stamina for dancing goes up!)

You doing you

The most important trend we’ve noticed in 2023 is that more brides set out to create a wedding that is uniquely theirs. 

Really: since the pandemic, fanfare around tradition has fallen away. Now, if a bride elects to wear her mother’s veil, it’s because she really wants to – and she’s more liable to pair it with some amazing statement earrings or a bias-cut midi dress. At LAUDAE, we always build a degree of customization into our gowns for exactly this reason. You want to wear Harlow but with a little extra coverage? We’ve got you. Feeling Micah but with a button closure? That can be arranged. It’s all about what feels right for you.

The same is true for your bridal party. Today, bridesmaids are more often given a general prompt or idea of a colour scheme rather than dressed up in matching gowns that might look better on some people than others. This is a blessing – for you, for them, and for your wedding album.

When you feel like yourself, you feel more confident, less anxious, and better prepared to enjoy and remember your special day. The same is true for your bridal party and guests. 

Weddings in 2023 definitely have a theme: they’re an exuberant return to the colourful, lively world we knew before the pandemic and they’re a celebration of ourselves and those we love. 

Just keep that trend in mind and your day will be perfect – we’re sure of it.